Would dismantling Global White Domination lead to worldwide economic crisis ?

No, allowing Global White Domination to remain has brought constant Economic and Ecological crisis to the world.  

Dismantling Global White Domination will bring balance, humanity, and stability to economies, because it would relocalize the economies of the world.  It would move away from economies structured to generate profit for the few, to setting up economies to meet the needs of the many.  

There’s not reason for Globalization of the Economy beyond generating  more profit for the few, there’s no reason why our shit is manufactured in China, our customer service is in India, and our food is cultivated in Mexico, except for generating more profit for the few while exploiting the many.  Globalization is a scam.  Before colonization, industrialization, and capitalism, people produced for themselves locally, then they would trade in the surplus abroad, with a few exceptions.

Victimizers always tell their victims, “you’ll be much worse off without me,” and the traumatized victims too often buy into that bullshit.

It’s no different than the “battered wife, or Stockholm” syndromes, but the White Aggressors do that shit on a global scale; they abuse, deprive, traumatize, and exploit the world, then convince the world that we couldn’t get by without them, that we need them.

The world is slowly waking up to the scam, I don’t know if we are waking up quick enough to reverse the Omnicide of White Domination and Capitalism tho, time will tell.