Are Africans the true Hebrews of the bible?


No people are the “true Hebrews” cuz the true Hebrews” are pure fiction.

The Bible is an amalgam of History, Lies, Folklore, Mythology, and Distortions from a wide range of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and European cultures and dogmas.

The Hebrews of the Bible are fictional, there are no Chosen People, no bondage in Egypt, no Burning Bushes, no Moses, not splitting of the Red Sea, no captivity, no being lost in the wilderness, no promised land; no none of that shit,

Because the Hebrews are fiction, and the Bible is not based on historical fact; almost anyone can take that fiction and run with it, from Europeans (Ashkenazi Jews) to Africans in America (the many Black Hebrew Factions).

I could start a new Hebrew or Jewish sect today, and extract all the validation I need from the Bible or Torah; cuz that shit is all made up and very susceptible to manipulation and adaptation. 

That’s what’s so wonderful and frustrating about fiction. You can flip that shit anyway you want, and no one can hold you to the “facts” because there are not facts.

What if you asked me if the “true Captain Americas was Black,” I can find “evidence that Captain America is Black, White, and even a Women.”  Hell there’s even a Native-American Captain America!

Just like you have Japanese Jews who claim they are the “Lost Tribe.”

Anyone can claim Jew or Hebrew!

That’s how fiction works.  You’ll have White Hebrews, Black Hebrews, Arab Hebrews, Asian Hebrews; anyone who wants to be a Hebrew can be a Hebrew because there is no God to come down and settle the argument; cuz the God and the very history that the myth of the Hebrews is all fiction. 

The Real History is the Hebrews are histories of a person or people embracing tittles and myths and acting on their own, not in the name of God or according to prophecy.  The real history and identity of the Hebrews is not in the Bible, it’s everywhere but the Bible.

“All Chosen People chose themselves.” – Dr. John Henrik Clare.