If you are a worker in the US you should know the history of the Industrial Workers of the World aka The Wobblies, and the overall history of Labor in general.

The only reason we don’t have child labor, we have an 8 hour work day, weekends off, health and safety standards, etc, is because of Radical Workers, Anarcho-syndicalism, and Militant Unionism.

We, as a workers don’t owe any of your “prosperity” or standard of living to Capitalism or the Capitalist, Capitalism generates mass poverty and worker exploitation only.

Unless workers in the US become, once again Radicalized we will lose all that the past radicals workers have secured for us.

Time to stop being Human Resources, and become once again the Work Forced the most powerful political, economic, and militant force in any society…once it is properly educated, motivated, and organized.

Happy May Day!  Happy International Workers Day 2014!