What is your opinion on hbcu?

I think HBCUs accomplish the task for which their White founders and financiers set them up for to identify the Talented Tenth, a Black pseudo-Elite, then to…

  1. Give the US a facade of inclusion, opportunity, and equality for Blacks.
  2. To create a controlled Black leadership caste.
  3. To indoctrinate the Black leadership in “American values.”

I’m not condemning all who attended HBCUs, because many have broken the mold, or at least escaped…I mean graduated with their mentalities in tact.  Some great Africans came out of HBCUs but it’s in spite of the institution not because of them; that’s what they’ve told me.

There is a lot of emotional attachment to these institutions in the Black community, but if one did an social audit, if one was to do a critical historical assessment of their impact on the Black Liberation Struggle, I think you’d have to conclude that these HBCUs do more to integrate us into the Omnicidal Systems of White Domination, then produce thinkers, leaders, and producers who will construct an independent African Power Base.

We have to get past the fanfare and emotionalism and begin to think critically about such institutions and their true impact on our people. 

We should either capture/take over these HBCUs for real, and use those facilities to produce true Pan-African Leaders instead of High Paid Human Resources, or at the very least we should stop pretending that they are any thing more that what Del Jones called them decades ago; “American Ni99er Factories."