If you understand the connection between Sports, Indoctrination, Jingoism, and Nationalism you’d see how obscene this is. Man, I always heard about the different the 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team, and I saw people all through the hood shell out big money to buy those damn Dream Team Red White and Blue tank tops, than I heard about other dudes robbing them for those same tank tops. SMH.

Just looking at this video, I’m seeing the very essence of Slavery and Colonization; robbing a land of its natural wealth, then using that stolen wealth to subjugate, and even humiliate the colonized nation. There’s also the issue of the Brain Drain and Talent Drain of Third world nations by the nations that have exploited them into poverty and dysfunction.

Why the fuck didn’t the Dream Team play for African nations under African flags to bring some solidarity, pride, and gold back to our Motherland instead of donning the Red White and Blue and humiliation their Brothers in the name of good ole USA? They could have promoted the Pan-African mission of dual citizenship for the African Diaspora, can you imagine the impact of such an event?

I mean, I was a kid my damn self in 1992, but I remember what was going on then. The War on Drugs was in high gear and pigs was buck-wildin more than they are today, they were literally using tanks to smash homes (that they deemed crack houses) in the Black community. 1992 was the year of the Rodney King riots, it was the era of the OJ trail, it was the era of mass incarceration; there was as much racially charged shit going on then as there was now, and in the 60s; but them Ball-Chasers seemed to be oblivious.

I think if you enjoy sports you should at least understand the mass indoctrination and political aspects of it, you should also look deeper into the economics of pro sports too, how they are generally parasitic to the cities they play in. Check out Dave Zirin and his blog the Edge of Sports.

(I came across this because I was wasting my time doing some research into Charles Barkely’s career. I also wanted to see when he assaulted that African player during the 92 Olympics; I couldn’t watch this whole vid, let alone a whole game, seeing grown men chase balls for millions of dollars while have the population of the entire earth lives at or far below poverty, I just can’t get with that shit. Same reason I don’t got to the movies, or buy new games; I watch that shit for free or for pennies, and buy games used or trade; I try to starve the Beast whenever I can.

If you must watch these Ball-Chasers please do so in a way that gives a little revenue as possible to the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLH, and the rest of em.)