On Education & Black Liberation…again…

People that believe that education will free us seem to overlook the fact that our ancestors came here better educated than the brutes who enslaved us!

Freedom ain’t no goddamn multiple choice, fill in the fuckin blank, long hand essay exam! Quit telling that damn lie about Education & Liberation!

If you a punk, chump, sucka, or coward; an education will only make you an educated punk, chump, sucka, or coward, but it will not free you.

If you are an African, if you have the will and willingness to be free, then nothing will obstruct you, don’t matter if you gotta PhD or can’t even spell your own name. If you don’t believe me, just check and see how many degrees them resistance fighters that are giving the US Empire hell in the so-called Middle East got!

I just attended a university graduation and I didn’t see on evidence that any of them learn-ed Black folks represented any kinda threat to the systems of White Domination, hell most of them were loyal allies and servants of the Oppressors!

Yall just show me, in a few years, where them Black mega- geniuses yall have so much pride in end up. Them 4.9 GPA, them college degree at the age of 10, them beautiful Black wiz kids I see yall gushing over, show me where they will land after a decade or more of formal education. I becha they’ll be working for or with our Oppressors, they will be using their boundless talents to advance the interest and economies of America, Europe, or Asia; what chall wanna bet?

I ain’t saying yall can’t boost education, but stop lying about it.

Tell the youth they’ll get good jobs, or even build their own businesses (within the oppressors economies), they’ll be able to live in the Whitest neighborhoods, they will be able to buy all the shit Whites and Asians manufacture and are willing to sell to them, hell, you can even tell them that if they really rise to the top (of the shit heap) they can even marry one of those Kardashian hoez; but please stop telling the youth that Education will free them! Stop telling that lie!