Whites Going Green Will not Reduce Racism or Even Promote Justice. IJS.

Hitler was a Gay/Bisexual, Vegan, Animal Lover, Environmentalist, public health advocate who used Biofeuls to propel his missiles.

Don’t allow the West’s apparent moves towards more Liberal Social policies and better Ecological practices fool you.

Don’t think Obama’s Election, (seemingly) Liberal Policies, Bike Lanes, Farmers Markets, Urban Gardens, Organic Produce, Fair Trade Labels, Whole Foods in the Hood or any of that shit is a step towards Black freedom or justice, a reduction in Racism, or reduction in the Genocidal Agendas of the Global Elites. All of that kinda shit has happened under oppressive regimes before.

The Victory Gardens aka War Gardens were all organic and community centered, during WWI and WWII; White Americans were doing this progressive shit at the same time they were lynching our ancestors and chasing our grandparents to the back of the bus. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_garden)

They been oppressing and mass killing under the banners of Freedom and Democracy as much as much as they have under the banners of Tyranny and Dictatorship.

I don’t give a damn how Green you are, how long you been a Vegan, how many damn compost bins you have in your yard, or how integrated your protest are, if you are not working to build Revolutionary Pan-Africanism and dismantle all of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, you are wasting your time and energies.

All of your efforts need to feed the Liberation Struggle and support the Global African Revolution.

Sorry, but truth is truth.