It’s Bigger than Rachel Dolezal

If ‪#‎Dolezal‬
had pretended to be Gay and led a LGBTQAI organization…if she
pretended to be Jewish and led a Jewish organization…if she pretended
to be an Atheist and led an Atheist organization…if she pretended to
be a Vegan and came to lead PETA…or deceived any White sub-community
or organization there would be universal outrage and denunciations.

But since the Black community in General, and Black women specifically have no respect, agency, or standing in this system, it’s no big deal.

Hell, Whites and their ‪#‎NewNegro‬ lackeys are telling US we should be grateful for her “contributions.”

This is nothing new.  The bodies of Black people are routinely violated
in this society and global system, so why the fuck would we expect any
respect or acknowledgement of our Racial and Cultural Integrity?

Dr. Bobby E. Wright pleaded with us to erect standards, protocols, and
parameters for our Race.  Dr. Claud Anderson has been pushing for more
than 20 years for Cultural and Ethnic based economics, politics, and
exclusivity within in the Black community.  But we still don’t get it
Black people.  

Race, Culture, and Identity are central to our
Liberation Struggle. If we allow them to colonize us racially, and
culturally while they dilute the depth and meaning of the Black
identity; then we are truly lost, we are truly on the road to

Its so much bigger than Dolezal.