The African Condition…

I think our condition is actually a minor detour from our ultimate destiny. Our status as the oppressed represents only a small fraction of our time here on earth. Most of our history is one of independence, collective progress and development, and relative peace. We’ve governed empires for more than ten times the amount of time we’ve spent in captivity or under colonization, and we’ve made miraculous stride in unbelievable short amounts of time.

That’s why our oppressors seek to impose genocide, because they know that if we endure, we will be free and they will fall. The only way to stop us is to eliminate us.

We also have to see that today’s technology allows for the total destruction of the biosphere, the life sustaining capacity of the entire planet.

That’s why must intensify and further radicalize our methods and expedite our march to liberation, our biggest enemy in this current phase of the Liberation Struggle is time, we have so little of it.