On Black Straight Pride and Black Menism.

Let me just get this out:

The Straight Pride Movement, and Men’s Rights Movement (aka: Menism) is a waste of time and effort.  

An irresponsible distraction for a people with real fucking issues and problems to attend to.

Our so-called leaders who organize our people around such bullshit should be more responsible and accountable.  

That’s all……

OK, that’s not all, but those are my main points.

I hate to say this, not because I don’t stand by what I’m saying; it’s
just that the people involved in this bullshit are relentless and very
vocal, and who wants to attract the attentions of a bunch of misdirected
Black Zealots and Black Puritans.  But I want to at the very least be on record calling out the BS, no matter how small my voice is.

Just imagine if the Jews were sitting around the Concentration camps complaining about the sexual preferences of other Jews, or the special treatment they imagined the Gay Jews were getting.

Just imagine if Native Americans men were complaining about how much nicer the Small Pox
infested blankets given to Native American women were; or how Native
women didn’t act more like “ladies” while under genocidal oppression?

Just imagine if Harriet Tubman
took the time to determine the determine the sexual preferences of
those who were escaping the fucking plantation with her, or was willing
to entertain the complaints of the enslave men who griping about her
being out front of the group.  Harriet would have had to put a bullet in
the head of most of these so-called Black Nationalist if they were in
her era.  

We are under the most widespread and well organized
campaign of oppression and genocide the world has ever seen, so what the
fuck do we are we doing?  What should be the priorities of our people?

Oh, and one more thing, both of those “movements,” were extracted
directly out of the rectums of Racist, Conservative, Christian White
males; so how fucking manly or macho is it to ape absurd White