Thanks for your posts. While, I don’t agree 100%, I must say maybe 98%. lol. Thanks for your posts. Lastly, you say new negro. I tend to disagree. This type negro been around a looooong time. Be well. thanks again.

The “New” in New Negro dosen’t refer to the overall newness of Treasonous Sell-Outs within our Race who have embraced their status as Slaves and Servants to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination.  These cowardly and sick individuals have been with us since the first Oppressive invaders set foot on the African Continent. 

The “New” in New Negro refers to the newness of their rhetoric, their methods, and their standing in the Black community. 

There are still old style House Ni66ers, Sambo, Coon, Uncle Toms, and Bootlicking, Buck-dancing Negros with us, like Clarance Thomas and other so-called Black Coon-Servatives; but we now have the Slick New Negros who can hide their ill-intent towards our Race and their undying loyalty towards GWD.  They have African names, they express pride in being Black and in their African Heritage, they even join African-Centered Organizations, but they have the same agenda as the old-school Sambos and Uncle Toms.

Thanks for reaching out, I hope that clarifies things.