Don’t Ask Me to Respect Your (Religious) Delusions; I’m Under No Obligations to do So.

I was asked again today why I attack people’s Religion, and disrespect their faith. I’m asked this question on almost a weekly basis. People seem to think that I’m obligated to accept, respect, and be sensitive to other people’s delusions.

Well, here’s yet another restatement of my position on Black Religion and Faith:

It is one of the oldest myths in the Black community that “Faith,” is about a “personal relationship with God,” and that it is good to respect and avoid offending someone’s faith; that’s all bullshit.

Religion has never been about “personal relationships,” it has always been about mass control, mobilization, and resources.

Religion is a cancer that divides and drains wealth in the Black community. The amount of money and energy giving to Religion by the Black community is obscene and it’s all but wasted.

If the Black population was not under Genocidal Oppression, mass religious indoctrination would simply be an unfortunate condition, but since we are under both Genocidal Oppression and Ecological Collapse, our collective Religions delusions are all but guaranteeing our collective extinction.

I don’t opposed the deeply entrenched religious delusions of the masses of African people because it is fun or joyous for me, it’s not, I do so at great personal cost; but I do it because I’m committed to my people, to tell them both the truths that they celebrate and those that they don’t want to hear.

If I’m talking face to face, giving a lecture in the community, traveling to give speeches, or on social media; I’m telling African People what they need to hear, if I do nothing else, I’m gonna do that.

People can ignore me, they can retreat back deeper into their delusion, or they can face the light of truth and make the adjustments.

Those who understand that true faith, and their God demands that they oppose all manifestations of injustice and that they give their talents and life energy to build towards justice almost always agree with me. (I have allies who are Believers.)

Those who use their faith as an excuse or an escape for what they should be doing are generally the ones who feel hurt or want to attack me for telling unpopular truths.

There was also a question about my agenda and intentions for “attacking” people’s faith so I’ll lay that out too:

My intention is to destroy the hold Alien and dysfunctional religious faiths and dogmas have on African people. I’m working towards a world where there isn’t one African on this planet who is not praying to a non-African God, or following a non-African Spiritual system; that’s the goal…that and the complete dismantling of all of the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination.

Yeah, that’s about it, after that, I’m done.