White Serfs Vs. Black Slaves

We are very clear that many Africans are afflicted with the Slave or Colonial Mentality, but guess what…

I’ve observed that many, if not most (I can’t say for sure because White people don’t generally talk to me…I don’t know why, some do but most don’t…but back to my point,)…

…Most White people are afflicted with the Serfdom or Peasant Mentality.

It’s characterized by blind fidelity to the exploitative structures within their own culture. They eat up the lies and manipulations of White Elites and project all of their anger/frustration/insecurity upon more vulnerable groups.

The Serfdom Mentality drives Whites to fight in wars of conquest and occupation even though their Class will not join in the spoils of war, it causes them to feel connected to the White Elite even when their economic and political interest more align with the Working Classes of the non-White population, it makes them imagine that any White person with wealth is not only smarter than the average person, but more moral and more worthy of the basic necessities of life than they and the rest of us.

The White Serf population is still as dangerous as the White Elite, but they attack out of ignorance and manipulation whereas White Elite attacks are calculating and long planned.

I’m not suggesting that we shed tears for the White Serf population any more than for the White Elite, but it’s important to “know thine enemy,” in all their manifestations. It should also be understood that Africans are not unique in adopting counterproductive mentalities as a result of prolong oppression, or in the case White masses: prolonged exploitation.

(Side Note: Whites are not oppressed they are exploited. Exploitation is when your are under attack from within your own culture. Oppression is when you are under attack from a foreign culture.)

[Another Note: I know it’s not White History Month, so I’m sorry to bother folks with such issues outside of February. I promise to get back to the more relevant history and issues of the Global African Community. See ya in February White folks and New Negros. #YallGetOneMonth]