Culture is the Base, but Not The Solution.

How may Africans, with knowledge of self, who wore only African
clothing, spoke only African languages, only worshiped African Gods, and
only supported African businesses ended up in chains in the hulls of
Slave Ships?

Returning to our culture is the base, but it’s not the solution.

Kwame Ture stated that; since our evolutionary path to Pan-African
unification was disrupted by Invasion, Slavery, and Colonization we now
must implement a Revolutionary path to Pan-African liberation and unification.

African culture is not inherently Revolutionary; most cultures of the
world are not.  African culture it was created to sustain us, not move
or displace us, we need Revolutionary culture, or to Revolutionize our
culture and practices.

When you see Black people engage in
African culture without Revolutionizing it, you will find that they are
better sustained, healthier, and even brighter then those who reject our
culture, but they are still under the thumb of White Domination as the
rest of us.  We create bubble of Black/African culture in the Hood, but
we still in the Hood, still subject to the same oppression.

have to be as Revolutionary as we are Cultural, as we are African until
the Systems and Institutions of White Domination are dismantled.

It is inadequate, incomplete, and irresponsible to promote African
Culture and Knowledge of our History as The Solution, it is a major
component of The Solution, but if we don’t build on it, then we will
simply better looking, and better informed Slaves, that’s all.

It’s like when the Orthodox Jews were in the Cattle cars along side the Secular Jews in Nazi Germany.  Being more into your culture does not exempt you from the fate of your less cultured Brothers and Sisters.

(I know someone is gonna miss my point and accuse me of discouraging
Black people from embracing their African history and culture, Imma
ignore them MFers.)

Pan-African Alliance.