Can’t Trust It: Celeb Endorsements & For-Profit Medi-SIN

Are Michael Douglas and Angelina Jolie simply two celebrities who are using their personal afflictions to inform the public, and motivate us to take actions to protect our selves from life threatening affections….or are we witnessing a whole new level of celebrity endorsement?

We are all accustomed to famous entertainers and athletes (I don’t really like separating entertainers from aesthetes because they are both entertainers; but people seem to miss that.)…pushing toxic products, GMO laced foods, corporate fast food, and processed food products on us and our children. We know they attach their names to clothing and shoe brands that are produced in sweatshops by child and slave labor. We know that celebs pretend to take up and support causes, such as Darfur, when they are nothing more than lackeys for US imperial policies. We know all of this.

So when celebs begin to make their personal illnesses and their chosen treatments very public, giving us the graphic detains, and those treatments just happen to lead millions of people to seek out and pay for treatments like the HPV vaccine, or double mastectomys; which will generate billions in profits for the pharmaceutical industry, we should all be very specious.

I was surprised when I saw Magic Johnson pushing Combivir in the hood, this dude was holding this medicine in one hand and a basketball in the other. I was like; “what the fuck does Magic know about this fucking medicine, why the hell is a Ball-Chaser giving people medical advice or endorsing medicine, did this MFer get a degree in chemistry or pharmacology while we weren’t looking? That was over 10 years ago, now shit is much worse! This is shit crazy, but what is even scarier is the fact folks are going to uncritically accept all of this. You got people making life and death decisions based on the fact that they like one fake-ass celeb or some other one.

Please people, ignore these celebs, their decadent lives, and their bullshit endorsements. Don’t believe the corporate media, or those who stand to profit from your afflictions. Make sure your medical decision are not driven my trendy fads, or made based on fear; your health care choices should be studied and rational.

Doctors and medical professionals are often wrong, and kill more people in this nation than all of the gangs combined; and they get away with it! Now that healthcare is a commodity, and healthcare facilities are driven to generate profits, you can no longer trust them any more than you can trust a shady used car salesman. Inform yourself, gather your community for strength, and be prepared to advocate and fight for the health of your family and your community. Until the drive for profit is removed from the healthcare system, you need to view it an oppositional institution that cannot represent our best interest. Keep your guard up when you enter a healthcare facility, and be prepared to fight for the best, and least toxic treatments.

(I spent 13 years a an allied health professional, so I’m talking about what I’ve seen with my on eyes.)