The way you describe the failed Black Revolution of the 60’s and the effects thereof is very depressing. It seems like there’s little chance left of organizing Black people in America and that they are lost.

The Black Revolution did not fail, it was obstructed, attenuated, and even derailed; but that’s how struggles go.

Just imagin how many losses the Oppressor took, and is still taking; how many times the Natives in the lands that the Colonizers and the Enslavers invaded handed their asses to them; but they kept coming, the celebrated and took full advantages of their wins, they studied and took time to recover from their loses, only to attack stronger and more effectively. 

It took the West many generations and millions of lives (of their own people) to come to Dominance; but their Dominance was doomed from the start the the Western Capitalist Empire will be the shortest lived Global System in human history, but also the most destructive.

So just as those who seek to imposed injustice did/do; we who seek justice must have the same or greater resolve, be willing to study and understand when we lose, and strengthen ourselves where we are weak, and hit harder and more effectively when we strike again.

We are products of the 60s, we have inherited the struggle, as we and fight, the Struggle lives. 

Our struggle is multi-generational, and we’ve been making steady and remarkable progress, but we have a ways to go. 

Oppression and Ecocide is a minor detour on the African Path, most of our history we’ve been a free, independent, and powerful people; this state we currently find ourselves represents less than 1% of our historical timeline.  Hell the Pyramids of Khemet were built while wooly mammoths still roamed the earth; we are the first and a very ancient people; this Global White Domination shit is just a small blink in time to us, and it is already rotting and decaying. 

I’m not trying to be insprational either, if you could talk to those who know and organize with me they’d tell you I lead towards pessimism myself; but I’m historical, contextual, and evidence based in my analysis; so I’m speaking from a factual position, not an emotional or inspirational one; but there is reason to hope and justification for continued struggle. 

The question is not if we will win, but when we will win; but we can’t be lazy and rest on the fact that we will win and our Oppressors are doomed because the Oppressor and his Systems are destroying the life sustaining capacity of the earth, and that’s were our real urgency rest; we have to take down Global White Domination before it takes down all the world’s ecosystems; our success is inevitable, but we want to when while the world is still livable.  (I know that may sound somewhat paradoxical…but I don’t know how else to articulate it.)

To quote one of my early poems:
It don’t matter if we win
As long as we fight
I don’t wanna live long
If I can’t live right.