Speaking of Haiti brother Kenyatta, why is Haiti in the dire socioeconomic straits it is in today? I have often felt that somehow, Haiti is being punished for overthrowing and obliterating psychopathic whites. I also feel that some Haitians are very corrupt and short-sighted. What are your thoughts on how Haiti can become the “Pearl of the Antilles” for the benefit of all Africans worldwide?

Haiti has been under relentless White imperial assault since the Haitian Revolution was won; that’s why it suffers today.  Haiti is not only being punished, it is being suppressed because the West still fears the Haitian and cannot afford to allow Haiti to emerge as a beacon to the African Diaspora.

Haiti, like the rest of the African Diaspora and the African continent is infested with collaborating traitors, which I now call New Negros; but they are only tools of the oppressors, they are not the Oppressors, a tool be rendered ineffective when the correct measures are employed.  Right now we need to Exposed, Isolate, and Expel the New Negros, that’s what’s best at this state of the Struggle…in the US, Haiti may be in a different stage on the ground.

I wish Aristide had taken to the hills and mounted a guerrilla campaign the the US puppet ousted him from office.  But he’s not warrior, and Haiti needs a warrior leadership again.  Haitians should follow the model of Cuba and Venezulea politically, and economically; while aggressively reaching out to the larger African Diaspora for support. 

I have no doubt that Obama would send in the troops to suppress the uprising, so there would have to be a guerrilla movement cultivated before the political and economic moves were implemented.  Haiti’s rise needs to be coordinated with a larger movement of Africans in the Western Hemisphere.  We would need Civil Disobedience and Disruptions in the US African communities, solidarity with all the AfroCaribbean nations, and the AfroLatino population would have to throw it’s numbers behind the effort.  We are getting to the stage in the struggle; the White Aggressors have push us to the point again, we just need to avoid the old mistakes and develop a few new tactics. 

The Western powers are far to streached out, the Empire is overextended, and it’s economic foundations are rotting from within, they cannot withstand a corrdinated push by the African Diaspora, they’d have to retreat from Haiti just as they had to end their coup attempt in Venezeula.