Peace brother. Could you go into depth on the relation between capitalism and racism (or link me to a prior post you’ve written on the subject)? Much thanks!

White Racism, Xenophobia, Hyper Aggression, Genocide, Ecocide, and Parasitism predates Capitalism by centuries.  Capitalism started in the 1800s.  If you tie Capitalism in with Mercantilism (proto-Capitalism), then you can go as far back as the 16the 17th Century.  Whites were doing their dirt Before the Common Era (BCE fka BC).

Capitalism is merely the economic system for Global White Domination at this time, but it hasn’t always been, and will not always be.  Racist can be Socialist, Feudalist, Communist, they can even be Off-Grid, Anarchist Hippies who play no role in the economy. 

The Racist have grafted onto and corrupted even non-European economic and social systems. 

Individuals like the historian Eric Williams, and Karl Marx have tried to tie Racist Ideology and Practices to Capitalism and the emergence of Class but once you look beyond Capitalism and the emergence of a Ruling Class, you find Racism and all of the brutality and destruction that it brings present in all White societies and systems. 

If we got rid of Capitalism, like they did in Eastern Europe and other regions, we find that Racism remained. 

Molefi Asante’ did a great article on this very issue; if I can locate it I’ll post a link on my blog.  He stated that Racist attitudes and behaviors were found in ancient Greece, long before Capitalism plagued humanity.

Ultimately, Capitalism has greatly served and helped to entrench Racism, through giving the Racist the production capacity to dominate the world and facilitate the commodify the worlds natural resources; it has been an engine for Racism and Racist, but it didn’t not create Racism. Racist created Capitalism; but they are older than Capitalism, and they will not automatically vanish with the dismantling of Capitalism. 

I’ll add, only a Racist could conceive and execute Capitalism, the nature of such an economic system requires massive enslavement, perpetual warfare, and the destruction of the world’s ecosystems; and only the Racist mentality has managed to engage in such behaviors on a scale large enough to construct and sustain a Global Capitalist System…but the Chinese are catching up to them. Blacks who state that we can use Capitalism to compete with or secure equality with Whites are insane, evil, or just plain ignorant.  Scientific Socialism suite us, our mentalities and personalities, Africa will always fail at Capitalism for the same reasons we succeeded for so many centuries in communal and cooperative systems; people do best when they construct systems in line with their Asili (cultural seed), their World View, and their fundamental mentalities.