Why didn’t President Obama rescue the black owned banks, he saved everyone else’s?

To be fair, Obama didn’t rescue any small or community banks; the bailout was only for the megabanks, the multinational banks.

Obama didn’t save the Black owned, or other small community banks because there was no incentive for him to do so.  He had everything to gain from saving the big banks and nothing to gain from saving the Black banks.  

Blacks gave Obama unconditional love and support, and his corporate funders gave him money and marching orders; so why would he take any risk, or expend any energy on Black banks are any policies in support of any segment of the Black community?

Also, in the 70s the US moved from being an Industrial Capitalist economy to being a Finance Capitalist economy.  That means the nation moved from exploitation of the nation to cannibalization fo the nation.  Most people don’t understand this transition, or too deeply indoctrinated to understand it.  They still think the rich give a shit about the nation or have nationalist loyalties, which they don’t.  It’s a fucking Smash and Grab on a national economic scale.  So the small banks and small businesses, in general, are bought up, consolidated, or driven out of the market; and no help is coming from the government or regulators (who are bought and paid for by the Finance Capitilist).

It ain’t just the Black small businesses and banks being swallowed up; Whites are too, but Whites had more to lose so the economic erosion isn’t showing up as dramatically in White communities as it is in Black communities but it’s there and it’s accelerating.  Also, Blacks tend to understand that it’s the System, Government, White Elites screwing us over; whereas the White masses always blame Blacks, immigrants, welfare, and secret societies for their problems (the dumbasses).

Obama serves that White Elites, and they dictate his policies, and he carries out their orders enthusiastically and unquestioningly; and he never got the order to aid Black banks, Black farmers, Black homeowners, Black anybody or anything.  But we still loved him and his beautiful family, and we scraped for any crumbs that trickled down from the top.  

The real, or more appropriate question should be, now that we understand that the Black Elites ain’t about to help us is; “What can we do to shore up the Black community, from the bottom up, collectively?”

The Talented Tenth sold their talents to the highest bidder, and we weren’t even allowed into the auction, so stop looking up to Leading Blacks, unless the commit Class Suicide and return to us.  But remember, Class Suicide is one of the rarest phenomenon in human history.  

These outta business bankers and financial experts need to work to build cooperative enterprises that are communally funded and sustained; they need to rebel against the System and their formal education/indoctrination.  We can’t be Capitalist cuz we are the Capital.  

We’ve tried Capitalism since the Reconstruction Era, it’s time to give up on that shit and forge a new, sustainable economic path.