Freedom Ain’t Free, but It Can Be Cheap.


, but Black people “enjoy” the cheapest form of freedom in existence, which is; Individual Freedom.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright explained that Black people were the “freest people in this country,” we it comes to embracing and expressing our Individual Freedom. He explained no other people were less bound by obligations, agendas, protocols, and standards imposed by their Race/Ethnicity/Nationality than Black people.

Individual Freedom is secured by Laws, it is a Right, it is granted by Governments to it’s Subjects. Our Freedom is Legislated, not Inalienable.

This cheapest form of Freedom allows one to do what they like, buy whatever they want, love whoever they want, wear whatever they want, say “whatever the fuck they want,” and all sorts of other base freedoms, as long as they do so within the parameters and according to the laws of the Government that holds them under Subjugation.

Black people love and revel in this form of freedom, we make songs about it, we wear clothing that promote it, we worship the Negro Leaders who helped us secure this form of freedom.

Individual Freedoms frees one from any obligation to their own people and the plight of their own people, but it makes them extremely dependent on the State, their former Enslavers, and current Oppressors. This cheap freedom allows one to say all types of negative and disrespectful shit about their own, but they cannot offer any real criticism of the Systems of the Oppressors. These individuals can live anywhere they can afford to, but they prefer the closest proximity to Whites as possible; but no matter how much money they have they cannot build an exclusive Black community, economy, or power base.

When you hear someone say, “do you,” or “I got mine,” or “only God can judge me,” “YOLO,” etc. you know they are possessors and supporters of the cheapest form of freedom known to man: Individual Freedom. This cheap freedom is only one small step from slavery, and many of these cheap freedom embracers often fall right back into slavery in just a few generations or less.

Some Radicals and Revolutionist even argue that this cheap Individual Freedom is worse than Chattel Slavery because it gives the illusion of full freedom, and thus makes it harder for people to wake up to and oppose Oppression. Cheap freedom undermines community, and a people’s ability defend themselves from attacks and exploitations by those who hold to more valuable forms of freedom.

I’m not sure if I should leave it at this or list and explain what the higher forms of freedom are; maybe I’ll just let this stand, because if you are embracing Individual Freedom as the highest virtue, you probably ain’t even interested int he other forms and manifestations of freedom, and if you have rejected the cheapest form of freedom for more valuable forms of freedom, then you already know what needs to be known.


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