New Negro Politics.

The Black people who voted for Hillary are the same ones who’ve remained loyal to Obama during his 7+ years in office.

These are individuals for whom integration is more important than justice.

They will support or overlook atrocities when “their guy” is in office, and then protest those same atrocities when the other Political Party is in office.

Even if they are protesting injustices under the Obama administration, they will leave the White House and Executive Branch blameless. They will even protest long standing allies and policies of the Obama Administration while holding Obama blameless. I’m sure HRC will enjoy this same level of immunity if she is elected, as did her Husband.

When we engage or debate these individuals, or when we try to work with them, we falsely image that we want the same thing as they do; since we all Black folks facing the same issues; and that is a big mistake.

They want to join the System; not dismantle, or exit it. They want (superficial) reforms, not fundamental transformations. They want individual wealth, not collective reparations. They will join Black organizations and try to stir them toward the Democratic Party, or at least make them align with the Democratic Party Platform and Agenda. Not just in the Black Churches, but many grassroots organizations.

When New Negros Self Expose, we need to collect that data, process it, and act accordingly. There is much information and understanding to be gleaned from this election cycles; it’s bigger than any politician or political party. Keep paying attention, even if you are not invested in any candidate or party.

Black HRC supporters will do all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify their support, but this is my summation based on talking to them, listening to them, reading their articles, and listening to dozens of interviews with Black HRC supporters.