So I see your post all of the time and I agree with so much, especially with your thoughts on capitalism. It destroys us in so many ways. It is the most fucked up system imaginable. What are some strategies to subvert capitalism though? As much as I would love to live a life apart from that fucked up system, in the back of my mind im always like “i got bills to pay” How does somebody avoid or escape that system?

I’ll answer your second question first; there is no escape from Capitalism or Global White Domination which imposed the Omnicidal Systems of Capitalism upon the rest of humanity.  Sorry, but that’s the truth.

The Capitalist knew they had to make the System of Capitalism absolute, and the only options on earth because if people had any other option they’d choose it because, like you said; “it is the most fucked up system imaginable.” 

The Capitalist had to attack all Socialist, Communist, and non-conforming nations and peoples all over the world because they couldn’t afford a “good example,” or a “viable alternative.”  After attacking and disrupting these nations, the Capitalist then turn to we who live in the Capitalist nations and say; “look at how dysfunctional, impoverished, and repressive those Communist/Socialist nations are, you better thank God you don’t live under such systems,” while hiding the fact that the Capitalist are behind the dysfunction, poverty, and repression in most non-Capitalist nations.  The Capitalist also gloss over the fact that the vast majority of Capitalist economies and states are dysfunctional, impoverished, and repressive.  Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Sorrows of Empire, and The Shock Doctrine all touch on and expand on what I’m saying here. 

So there’s no escape, we are Without Sanctuary.  Again, I’m sorry to break this to you.  The bombs, pollution, oppression, genocide, ecocide, and domination does not recognize borders and it has saturated the globe.

Your only options are Resistance or Submission.

Now you should move to any where on the globe where you think you can best sustain yourself and mount the most effective form of Resistance you can; but don’t view it as an escape or a retreat; it should be a strategic move, seeking a better vantage point from which to resist.  Also, don’t feel guilty for viewing less repressive, more tropical, or peaceful areas either, because the struggle does not mandate that you be poor and miserable, you can live a full life as a Revolutionary Freedom Fighter, hell, that’s the only way to live a full life, any kind of life really. 

As for subverting Capitalism, it’s rather easy, but the only problem is you need to gather and organize with others to be successful.  Reduce your consumption and your desire for consumption of mass produced and corporate produces. Then communalize your life and social relations.  Your need to begin to hold your assets collectively, and poor your talents and resources with other Revolutionaries and begin to provide yourself and your local and regional community with locally produced goods and services.  This reduced your people’s dependency on their oppressors, once your reduce dependency you will automatically increase consciousness among the community; and that’s your foundation for more advanced Revolutionary tactics and formations.

Start off with a Research and Study Group that meets regularly, begin to organize a small cooperative enterprise with the more dedicated and disciplined members of that R&S Group.  Find a plot of land to clean up, maintain and cultivate collectively; grow some food and beautify a space in your area, then expand on that.  Finally begin to regulatory organize social events that have a positive and Revolutionary theme, from a community bike club, a paintball team, a yoga group, poetry readings, a small theater group, a natural hair show, a local designer fashion show, etc.  Figure out ways to get people out of their homes and among each other for positive and productive reasons.  Begin to live in your community and not just in your home. 

You cannot do it alone, everything has to be collective and organized, or it will just be some fell good fluff, not Revolution, or proto-Revolution.

Please keep me up on your progress.