Why do white women believe they too are subjected to the same as black women? I know you’re a man, but I believe you can answer.

I am going to have to assume you are asking me “…subjected to the same treatment/conditions/oppression as black women…”.

All White women don’t think that, there are some White women who understand that they oppression that White women face under White Patriarchy is not the same as the oppression Black women confront under White Racist Patriarchy.  There are also White women who understand the supportive role that White women have played and the benefits White women have received under Global White Domination.  There are White women who confront and oppose Patriarchy and Capitalism without attempting to colonized Black women’s pain and struggles.  But these White women are rare, but they do exist.  Off hand I can think of  Sunsara Taylor and Susan Rosenthal.  

But like you, most White women that I have encountered have asserted that the oppression White women face under White Patriarchy is as bad, or even beyond that of Black women who have to contend with Racism and Patriarchy compounded upon each other.   

The reason they do this is because they are Racist and Psychopathic.  Racist refuse to acknowledge the humanity of non-Whites, or if they are liberal Racist they view non-Whites as darker skinned White people, which is an even more sinister way of denying our humanity and dehumanizing us.  As they dehumanize and objectify Black women they, by default, refuse to, or are incapable of seeing the unique and intensified oppression Black women suffer, and they at best assume that it’s the same if not lesser than what White women suffer.

Psychopaths are also totally incapable of any empathy, which is a trait many racist show.  So even if they see the compounding oppression of Black women, they don’t give a fuck!  They in fact derive joy from the subjugation and abuse of Black women, even as they decry their own oppression under Patriarchy.    

Also, this Racist system promotes the idea that Black women are deserving  the inhumane treatment they endure under this System.  The System promotes the notion that the degraded and dysfunction state we find Blacks in is a result of our own immorality, corruption, laziness, and genetic/intellectual inferiority.  So when Feminist see Black women suffer they don’t acknowledge that it’s due to oppression, Sexism, patriarchy, or systemic subversion of Black interest by the State and Private powers.  

Then there are simpler explanations that are rooted in these others like pure ignorance, jealously, lack of exposure, mass White indoctrination, anti-intellectualism, etc; but all of these simpler explanations are rooted in Racism and Psychopathology. 

I think it’s a waste of time for Black women to debate this issue, especially with Feminist.  It’s better to work towards reducing our vulnerability to Racist than trying to educate or reform Racist; even if those Racist pretend to be allies of our struggles, or claim to understand and to have endured the same struggles.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t state my aversion to playing “oppression bingo,” which occurs when members of oppressed group attempt demonstrate that they are more oppressed than another oppressed group, this shit only hurts the oppressed and aids the oppressors.  It’s best to stand against and dismantle all systems of oppression, not try to figure out who’s more oppressed than who, but I make an exception when that oppressed group is a member of an oppressor group as well.  

White women are oppressed, there’s too much documented history to deny that, even Racist white women are; but they are also oppressors; and this causes confusion among many people when it comes to determining where White women stand in the overall struggle against Patriarchy and oppression.

I’ve come across militants who state that they don’t give a fuck when a White woman is raped, or some other sick shit like that.  That’s not constructive thinking or behavior, you can’t be down for liberation if you don’t oppose all rape.  Then we have others who go the other extreme and assert that we can’t call out the Racism of White women because they too suffer from oppression, Sexism and Patriarchy, which makes them allies of non-Whites, which is bullshit.  White women have demonstrated that they can hate us and opposed Sexism at the same damn time, they they can struggle for their liberation and advocate for our ongoing oppression at the same fucking time; just ask Hillary.  

So we need an honest and sober analysis of all things, including White women’s oppression and how it relates to White Domination and Black women’s oppression to avoid the promotion and spread of Sexism in our movements and formations.