What’s Obama’s Haiti?

We were discussing HillBillary Clinton’s crimes during Clinton’s first two terms in office and Eyon asked me “what’s Obama’s Haiti?”

I responded; “Libya, not wait, Honduras, no wait, it was Libya…” Now that I’ve had time to really think about it; Haiti is Obama’s Haiti.

As far as Bush vs. Obama; Iraq and Afghanistan are Obama’s Iraq and Afghanistan.

As far as Reagan vs. Obama; the Drug War is Obama’s Drug War.

He’s owned and advanced all of the policies and agendas from the Reagan Administration forward, including the PNAC (Project for a New Americans Century). Obama was as aggressive in suppressing activist, whistle blowers, and progressive movements as President Nixon!

The only unique thing about Obama’s election was that he was a Black dude, beyond that he’s governed exactly like very other President that was in the pocket of the Elites.

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