On one hand it can be a way to generate income for people who are disenfranchised by American government, on the other it tears apart families and creates trauma: what are your thoughts on the drug game? TToya

In reality, dealing drugs do not create trauma, it’s drug policies and social conditions that create the trauma, people turn to drugs to escape their social conditions, or to reduce the pain of unaddressed traumas. 

I find it hard to find the difference between slanging cheese burgers or slanging crack, except that the cheese burger seller will cause more social damage with their product than the dope dealer.

Addiction is a disease, and a public health issue, the politicians have turned it into a crime and helped multinational corporations build up the profitable prison industry.

The problem is the Drug War, and Drug Policy, not drugs.

Drugs are biochemical weapons of mass destruction, don’t get me wrong, but they are only effective as weapons when paired with reactionary drug laws and policies.  That’s why affluent Whites don’t have the same level of violence, and social disruption connected to drugs as Blacks even though they consume way fucking more drugs than Blacks; because they are not under the same polices and enforcement practices as Blacks. 

The US government always pairs drugs with military, legal, and social policies to disrupt targeted nations and populations.

Powerful White men in respectable positions in the society created, run, and profit from the Drug Game, just like they did with the Arms Game, the Child Pornography Game, the Currency Speculation Game, the Religion Game, and all these other fucked up Games.

The peons at the bottom who incur all the risk and make the least money are easily and often replace; even though the corporate media (which is owned by the White men who own the Drug Game) paints them as the problem.

Having grown up around addicts and drug dealers, I’ve seen first hand that the opportunity cost are too high, and those at the bottom too often lose in the long run; so it’s not a viable means of economic development, regardless of the moral implications.  It’s a waste of time and effort, plus the lives, it’s a major waste of Black Lives as well; so I discourage people from engaging in the Drug Game, let the Wealthy White men, like the Bush Boyz sell their own damn drugs.

Check out Gabor Mate’s research and work on drug addiction and drug policies.

KRS-ONE did speculate way back in the early 90s that Drugs, or funds generated from drug dealing could be used for community development; but I’ve never seen his theories put to practices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1mURlYs-2Y