Black People: The Wildebeest of the World.

I have a relative who calls Black people; “The Wildebeest of the World,” because we are always being herded from region to region by powers beyond our control and fed upon by all of the predators along our forced migrations.

We were herded from the South to the north by racial violence, only to be exploited by the slum lords and industrialist. We were herded into the formally all-White inner-cities only to be fed upon by rats, government bureaucrats, and gangs. We are now being herded…I mean gentrified outta the cities into the abandoned suburbs only to be fed upon by rising gas prices, and the obsolete suburban, consumption based lifestyle. The urban areas that are not being gentrified are being left to be cannibalized by violence and drugs; and the trillion dollar police and security apparatus pretends to be powerless to stop it all.

(Then there’s always the few who have some money and education who break from the herd and run to White (gated) communities, like Trayvon’s parents. These individuals save their lives by sacrificing their sanity.)

We need to take a fucking stand a some point. We, the intelligent and capable Black men and Women in this nation, need to say: “This is our area, our land, our system! We will not allow the government or gangs to exploit or terrorize us, we will have all of the infrastructure, resources and institutions we need to live dignified lives and to raise healthy children, we will have full control over our economy and culture; or we will bring hell to all who oppose us!

Stop complaining about what other Blacks won’t do, or what they should be doing, and find others like yourselves and start organizing.