What angle are you workin brah? I know you got a scam goin with this revolutionary pan African bullshit. How much do you get paid? How many fools do you have following you and giving you money? I bet you’re an informant, just like Al sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Marcus Garvey, web Dubois, Martin Luther King, Malcolm x, and others. The white establishment loves bruthas like yawl to stir up the masses, so white people keep getting scared and vote for more tyranny and fascism.

It’s funny how you are trying to disguise that fact that you are just some White racist of below average intelligence by using terms like; “brah, bruthas, and yawl.”

As far as the White establishment voting for Fascism and Tyranny because of “bruthas” like me; how many “bruthas” like me were in Germany in the 1930s? 

Yall don’t need us to motivate “yawl” to support tyranny and fascism, it’s in “yawl” nature, you only know violence and explotation. 

But I’m used to Whitey Blaming the Black man for everything, so I’m not even offended.