On Civil & Human Rights….

Why do people talk about their Rights when engaged by the police?

This is a serious question, like, am I the only person who understands that the U.S. Constitution is just window dressing?

I mean, you don’t have to be a Constitutional scholar to know that the Rights and Privileges defined and granted by the Constitution have never, ever been respected(by the Elites); not even for White citizens.

Hell, Obama is a Constitutional scholar, literally, he taught Constitutional law at Harvard, yet his entire administration has routinely and deliberately violated the US Constitution, both nationally and internally.

So, if the POTUS, the most visible symbol of the American government can openly violate the Constitution, what the hell makes us think that low-level bureaucrats and government officials will stick to the playbook?

Like policies; practices come from the top down, so if the people at the top are Fascist, if the people at the top can break the law and kill with impunity…guess what; so will their henchmen lower on the power hierarchy.

(Oh, and BTW, you supporting Obama in his international lawlessness is a major component to the violence we are dealing with on the street level (in our Hoods). Whatever citizens allow the Empire to do abroad will be visited upon them eventually.)

So, do folks who tell these Fascist Cops about their Rights during traffic stops, or when the cops show up on their doorsteps really expect to awaken the cops, to inform them of the error of their ways? Do we think that these cops and other bureaucrats violate us simply because they are ignorant of the Constitution and the Bill of rights?

The US government and its officials have violated all Native American Treaties and Articles of Indigenous Peoples! The US government has consistently violated United Nations Treaties, international Trade Obligations, the US violates any and all laws all the time, with impunity; but there are really people who think their individual Rights will be respected?

I really don’t understand this.

When you encounter a cop, or any other government official who’s in good standing, you know your treatment is all up to the discretion of that official, that department, that bureaucracy? We know this right? They might respect your Rights, they might violate your Rights, or they just might take your fucking life! (Now matter what they decide to do, your Rights will not protect you!)

We live under an Empire, a Omincidal Capitalist Empire; and Rights are just….at thing…just a superficial tradition, rights are a thin and weak covering for invasion/colonization/genocide/enslavement/wage slavery; why don’t more people understand and acknowledge this?

If your Rights get in the way of profit, prejudice, or power, then you and your Rights will be left to bleed out in the streets.

When I am engaged by the cops, the last thing I think about or talk about are my Rights, but that’s just me. It’s not that I don’t now my “Rights,” I’ve intensely studied politics, policy, and even human and civil Rights; but I’ve also studied HISTORY; so I know my Rights will not protect me from my Protectors. LOL! I hate to laugh, but it’s absurd that I even have to say this…, at least it’s absurd to me.

Anyway, if you have any answers to my question, please share.