“Stop listening to the myths that “we are a Spiritual” people”. This is a lie, African people are spiritual people.

Oh God, you gon make me relive this debate?  I’m just gonna recycle some of my points from the previous debate….

I’m sorry for the lazy response, but it’s exhausting debating a fictional, imaginary, and arbitrary state if mind or world view as a factual thing.  I hate to put it like that but that’s what Spirituality is….Religion for Lazy People.

Spirituality is whatever the believer or Spiritualist says it is at any given time.  It’s in every individuals head, when you organize that delusion and force/compel/indoctrinate other people to go along with your delusion then you have the makings of a Religion, Cult, or Recognized Spiritual System on your hands.  I would be cool with all this shit if it didn’t always lead to degradation of people who ain’t down with your self defined and self invented delusions about the non-material aspects of existence.

Just look at this shit; for some people Spirituality is about having abundant sex, for others it’s about the denial of the flesh and lust, for some it’s about eating in abundance, for others it’s about a strict diet, for some it’s about accumulation of riches (see: The Secret), for others it’s about choosing to live humble or in poverty.  For some it’s about a single deity, for some it’s about the cosmos; Spirituality is all over the damn place because, unlike gravity, matter, physics, and even political and economic policy, or articulated ideology; that shit can’t be fully defined or locked down; so why debate it? 

We are an imaginative people, and we too often take what we imagine to be fact and superior to what others imagine, we even negate or oppose facts and material reality in favor of our imagination and we call that shit Spirituality.

Someone needs to tell the truth about this shit.

I don’t have a problem with people having a Spiritual component to their lives, but if that shit ain’t balanced and in tune with the material reality that surrounds them, then they are unhealthy, as unhealthy as those who can only deal with the material and strict facts with no capacity for nuance, imagination, wonder, and even Spirituality. 

I have a spiritual component to my life believe it or not, it just not one based in anything supernatural, it’s rooted in the People, I worship my Ancestors by continuing their Just mission of African Liberation, I commune with the people and that centers me and gives me strength, oh; and I know Heaven is where the babies come from….“between a woman’s legs” (in my Dr. Ben voice). 

Saying we are an (predominately or exclusively) Spiritual people makes us an incomplete and dysfunctional people, we are, or we should strive to be a Whole People, to be African people, and Spirituality is not the only, or the superior aspect of who we are.  I don’t know how else to say it.  When Spirituality is elevated above the material or rational it devolves into Spookism.

I guess I had more to say after all.