Capitalist shills on the net are saying socialism is a failure and they specifically point out Venezuela and the fact that the folks over there can’t even get toilet paper or adequate medical care. What you got to say about this?

I say that it’s a lie. 

It dosen’t really work to use facts to counter most people who believe in Capitalism or that they are Capitalist.  They are indoctrinated into accepting Capitalism, and facts and evidence don’t sway victims of indoctrination; only counter indoctrination works on the indoctrinated. 

The Capitalist understand this, that’s why they invest billions in media, billions in controlling and printing text books, billions in colleges and universities, because it takes all the money and effort to get people to accept Capitalism, if the Capitalist didn’t have the world saturated in their propaganda they would be taken out of power and their stolen wealth redistributed to those they stole it from.

So, when you talk to a working-class idiot who support Capitalism, that’s what your are up against; trillions of dollars of propaganda and countless hours of indoctrination, so don’t waste your time.  Unless the indoctrinated wish to break their indoctrination your can’t help or educate them. 

The only time there is any value in debating and countering a working-class Capitalism, Libertarian, or pro-Corporate drone is when there is a larger audience, by exposing the indoctrination, inaccuracies, and falsehoods about Capitalism you may be able to reach someone who’s observing your debate with the working-class Capitalist. 

The stats on Venezuela speak for themselves, from the improvement in delivery of public services, healthcare, and education, to the reelection of Chavista politicians, the people of Venezuela know that the Socialist Revolution is working.  The US attacks and tries to destabilized Socialist States and then blames Socialism for their failures.  That’s an old trick.

I am a Socialist simply because that’s the only system that has ever worked, even the US employs Socialism in its most productive sectors like NASA, or social security; they just don’t call it Socialism.  All of the privatized and Capitalistic segments of the society are unstable and need constant bailouts; and bailouts are Socialism, we just don’t call it that.  Through out history, Socialism has always bailed out Capitalist systems, then they return to Capitalism until they need Socialism to bail them out again. 

You can check my blog archives for more info on Socialism, and more points to aid you in debates against these dumb ass working-class idiots who are dumb enough to believe that their are part of the Capitalist system when they are nothing more than Human Resources for the real Capitalist to exploit.