On Gun Buy-Back Schemes…

Why they always fronting, why don’t they call Gun buy-backs what they really are; a fucking Black Disarmament Program.

Working class, middle-class, and Affluent Whites are the primary gun
owners in the US by an absurd degree; and they don’t sell back their
guns!  They don’t need the cash, and they value their guns too much!

So Gun buyback programs only exist to disarm Blacks who only have around 15% gun ownership!  Only 15%!  

So if every Black person gave up their guns in the US the US would
still have the highest rate of gun ownership in the entire world, by

So gun buy-backs don’t reduce the number of guns by any
relevant amount, it only intensifies gun obsession among Whites, and
makes the Black community even less equip to defend ourselves from
internal and external threats; because after Whites, criminals are the
least likely demographic to surrender their guns to the fucking police.

This is a Naziesque tactic; to disarm an already vulnerable and
afflicted population.  If the government wanted to make Blacks and our
communities safer they’d distribute guns, ammo, and free instruction and
training in their use to all law abiding Blacks in the nation.