Your thoughts on these “Black people” who claim to be unable to find other Black people who are pro-black and loving of other other Black people, but all actuality these “black people” are zip coon new Negros that don’t care to find real black self-loving minded people, just whining complain and using high tech coon tactics to dissipate positive black energy & create black gender wars to get a pat on the head by whites?

My thoughts….well, I don’t like them muthafuckas.

I know that we are all traumatized, and the trauma Black people suffer living under White Domination, and being forced to adjust to the Omnicidal Western Culture is not understood or even acknowledged by mainstream psychology or other medial modalities. 

So, our trauma, being unacknowledged and untreated for the most part manifest and plays out in many self-destructive ways.  Some of the most obvious ways are through anti-social behavior which has been criminalized by the domination culture; drug addiction (a criminalized disease), theft, vandalism, social and family disintegration, child neglect and abuse, Black-on-Black violence, etc. 

Generally, when poor and undereducated Black people act out their trauma, or engage in escapist behavior to avoid dealing with their trauma (such as reckless sexual behaviors, or drug abuse) they are criminalized, they are treated as victimizers or predators by the very systems that preys on and attacks them. 

The word ‘victim’ has been snatched from African people, and we are made to feel ashamed to use the word, even though the word fully applies to us, just look the world up, read the definitions and tell me how it dosen’t apply to us, or how we should be ashamed to be identified as being victims. 

So, when you victimize a population, then deny them, not only justice, but the vocabulary to even properly describe their status, thus denying them the ability to fully understand their status, you only deepen the trauma, and you misdirect the source and blame for the trauma.

Now that that’s understood we should look at the lesser understood manifestation of Black trauma; and that’s how the Affluent, Middle-Class, Successful, Educated, and Integrated Blacks manifest their trauma.  You walk through the Hood and the trauma and self-destructive behavior it feeds is public, it’s obvious; but you walk among the so-called Black Elite, the Strivers, the Black Well-to-do, it’s less obvious, but the scars also run deeper.

That’s were you find the Self-Rejection, Self-Isolation, the deep Self-Hatred that leads a New Negro to claim they can’t find other (good, or worthy) Black people to socialize with, to partner with, to procreate with.  They mimic the hostility towards Blacks that they see in their White friends/associates/colleagues/spouses.  They imagine themselves to be better than us normal/typical Ni99as, this is the “House Ni99er” Mentality that’s been with us since our bondage on American Plantations. 

You’ll see these individuas in large groups of Whites with only a sprinkleing of Blacks, and those few Blacks avoid the other Blacks in the White Social Circles (or WSCs) so they can avoid making the Whites who allow them into the White Social Circles feel that they are being Racial, or grouping up because of Race.  In order to keep their positions as “the Black Guy/Girl” in the WSC they have to constantly make sure the Whites are secure in their Whiteness, and never be confronted with the reality of Race and Oppression from their “Black” friend.  It’s a complex dance that I’ve never done but I’ve been observing since I was a teen.

These Blacks in the WSC also get points when they reinforce the White’s sense of being good people, and superior to Blacks, so the Black people validate their stereotypes and racism by restating the racist positions of the Whites as the “Black authority."  These NNs will say "I’d hate to run into a Black guy in a dark alley too, and I’m Black,” or “I’d hate to live in the Hood, and I’m Black!"  or "I don’t like rap either,” or “Black people have always treated me the worse than any other race,” or “we always want to blame White people for our own failings,"  or "I can’t stand Ghetto people either.” You really wouldn’t believe the kinda shit NNs say in their WSC in order to sustain their positions as one of the few Blacks who are allowed in.

That’s where there the “I can’t find a good/equal/worthy/compatible/datable/employed/educated/etc Black person to be with,” BS comes from.  It’s just a traumatized New Negro trying to justify their Self-Rejection on the backs of poorer Black People.

I call the poor undereducated Blacks who’ve succumbed to their trauma and have yet to embark on a path of resistance and Liberation the Black Lumpen when I’m being technical.

I call the affluent, or well-behaved Blacks who embrace the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, and refuse to use their training, resources, and skills for the empowerment and Liberation of Black people New Negros.

The rest, who understand that the “system is against us,” but just try to keep their heads down, their children housed, fed, and alive, and find joy in their families and communities are the majority, the Black Working-Class, just regular Black folks.  But this grouping needs to be Revolutionized too.

Freedom Fighters and Pan-Africanist come from the Lumpen, Working, and Affluent Classes; so just because a person is within, or spawned from any of these groupings doesn’t mean they can’t wake up and join the struggle, or that they have less standing in the struggle than any other Black person. 

Many of us, way to many of us embrace our defined roles in this Omnicidal System of White Domination.

We celebrate the New Negro Classes and set them up as the leaders, but they are just as dysfunctional and traumatized as the rest of us; that’s why I have more hostility towards the New Negros than any other group, they do the most damage.  They do the most to sustain us under White Domination, from the plantation to today. 
Obama will do more damage to African interest than a million street level gang bangers could do in 10 lifetimes.  Black folks in Lab Coats or with letters after their names do more to support the Systems of White Domination than Black folks in sagging True Religion jeans; but they Black Lumpen get all the heat, and the New Negros get our love and support. 

I’m not saying we reject the Black elite, I say we refuse to identify those Blacks who use their immense talents and skills to support the Omnicidal Systems and Institutions of White Domination as “Our Elites,” they are not ours and they don’t belong to or work for us.
Sorry for the tangent Anon, but this shit needs to be aired out in the community if we are to progress. Do you think is a great White Scholar, Scientist, or Athlete when to work for one of America’s many enemies that White people would still hold them us as leaders, or as a role-model to White youth?  So why do we do that dumb shit?  Especially when we have talented Black people who are also true to the cause, who represent us and our interest?

Since your question was more of a statement Anon, I just thought I’d expand on your words instead of just trying to offer an answer.

I’ll post the original link that got us started on this topic in the first place, just click the link, my response to the initial post is below the image.