I Googled Dreads.


“White people don’t Lock their Hair, they Mat their Fur.” – Brother Woza

This quote always kills me. LoL! I just thought of it because while in was in Missouri, a Sister told me she wanted to go natural and I suggested she look online for techniques; she told me she did but “all the images and tips was for White dreads.”

That’s when Woza’s quote popped into my head. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I ever Googled Dreads, so I stupidly gave it a try. SMH.

I’ll pause here to allow you to do so yourself, I’d advise you not to, but if you must….

That shit blew me away! I mean I thought it was a trick, or a joke, or that my computer had some kinda virus!

This image is the first one that popped up! Com On Son!

We can’t have shit! Damn.

I mean if black people started jumping off bridges would White folks do it too….I’m sure they would, with nice silk parachutes on…they’d also make money off of selling access to the best and highest bridges.

It’s not that I ain’t never seen White folks with dread before, I dun seen plenty, but I didn’t know that they were the fucking standard…you let Goggle tell it, they are. SMH.

Well, I’m most upset that this shit socked me, I though I was done being surprised by this kinda shit.