Often, in our attempts to save our children’s lives, we end up destroying their minds. Diallo Kenyatta On the issue of Blacks fleeing the Black community or Black school districts and moving into White communities or schools.
Raising a Black child in the US and failing to constantly and intensely educate them about Racism and White Domination is like raising a child in the African Savanna and never telling them about the Lions or other predators.   paraphrasing  Del Jones

Man Who Murdered State Trooper To Be Released On Parole

Man Who Murdered State Trooper To Be Released On ParoleA man convicted in the shooting death of a New Jersey state trooper in a crime that still provokes strong emotion among law enforcement more than 40 years later was ordered released on parole by a state appeals court Monday. Sundiata Acoli was kno… Sundiata Acoli has been granted parole.

How do you deal with An New African Negro & African-american hating Africans?

I don’t deal with them.  I think it was Khalid Muhammad who stated that; “if a dog bites you, you don’t argue with the dog, you deal with the Master.” So these New Negros represent the values, agendas, outlooks, and Systems of the Oppressors, but they haven’t built shit, and they don’t really run shit, so there’s no point in fighting them; we just need to Expose, Isolate, and Expel them, that’s...
I hear the words Gangsta, Street, Hood, Thug from Black people all the time and I’m just realizing that most of us have no real working concept of the reality of Gangsterism (or what a Gangster really is). Damn!Just some Basics.1. These ain’t Real Gangsters. 2. There are Real Gangsters.3. There are not the signs of Real Gangsters. 4. These are the signs of Real Gangsters. I though this much was understood, even if it wasn’t...

Rah Digga Calls Out Iggy Azalea For Not Being “Real” Hip Hop

Rah Digga Calls Out Iggy Azalea For Not Being "Real" Hip HopRah Digga, known for running with Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode Squad back in the day, is not here for Iggy Azalea. Find out why. Somebody needs to hip Rah Digga to the history of the colonial settler nation of Australia. Rah said; “Don’t Come To America And Try To Convince Me That You’re Gangsta Boo,” in reference to the Culture Bandit; Iggy Azalea. Now, Black folks are...

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