So is China the most successful communist party in history? Or is it not even communist at this point? So much confusing shit coming from the way that nation is governed and organized. Also, what can current and future revolutionaries learn from China?

China had a Communist Revolution which allowed China to oust the Imperialist, educate its population, and industrialize the nation, but it did not construct a Communist economy or political system.  This could not be achieved because all Communist and Socialist states come under immediate and unrelenting attack from the Capitalist Imperialist States of the West.  

You can’t construct a Communist or Socialist State under duress or ongoing attack, you either have to sustain your Revolution or erect a militarist state to defend your nation from external and internal challenges.  

Any real Communist or Socialist Revolution will have to be a World Revolution, we know that now, because the Capitalist nations will not allow you to build communism or socialism in peace, the Capitalist System cannot afford a “Good Example.” Capitalism is such a dysfunctional system, such an invalid system that the Capitalist know that if they allowed one free and independent Socialist state to emerge anywhere on the planet it would be an existential threat to all other Capitalist States, just by its lawful existence, even if it didn’t have any army or any intention of attacking or trying to influence the Capitalist States.  

So, China had to make a choice; to become a one-party, militaristic dictatorship or risk being brought back under the heel of Western Imperialism.  So, China, like Russia keep the title and aesthetic of Communism, but China set up a system of State Capitalism under Communist Party dictatorship.  

Africans need understand, to liberate Africa and the world, to bring the world under a Socialist economic system based on ecology, cooperation, and sharing; we must utterly and totally defeat the Capitalist, we can’t be content to build Socialism in one nation, region, or even on one continent, but we have to be as assertive in building a Socialist World as the parasitic Capitalist Class are in imposing Capitalism on the world.  

We need a World Wide Revolution, and we have to stop calling victory before the world is won.  

Capitalism is not willing to share the world, nor is it worthy of even being in the world; so why tolerate it any longer or anywhere in the world?

Oh, and another lesson is that beating the West at their own game is still losing for humanity.  Never, ever challenge a Shit Eater to a Shit Eating contest cuz even if you win you still lose, in fact, the more you win the more you lose.

So, even as the Asian Dragon is primed to surpass the West it’s falling into the same traps of repression, ecocide, elitism, and cultural alienation. 

Also, there are elements in China and the ruling Communist Party who seem to be realizing this; so I’d keep an eye on China; as the West attempts to physically and economically surround and constrict China and the billions of Chinese peasants who’ve been left out of China’s economic boom begin to organize and become radicalized. 

It’s going to be a very interesting century, if not humanity’s last century.  SMH.