Hotep, why does Robert Mugabe applaud China and call them a godsend? Isn’t China just as bad as the European colonizers?

Oh man, Mugabe, Mugabe…., Mugabe.  SMH.

Mugabe is a product of a long standing affliction that has burdened African Nations and Organizations since the rise of White Aggression, Colonization, and Imperlism; it’s call the “Leader For Life” Syndrome (L4LS). 

Because we fail to construct Systems and Institutions, our movements and nations are overly dependent on personalities, and tend to fall to cults of personalities.  We have so much trouble with Statecraft, Transition of Power, and knowing when to tell leaders to go sit the fuck down somewhere.

Mugabe was a freedom fighter, he stood against colonization, and deserves our respect he fought hard for liberation in what was then called Rhodesia.  All respect due to Mugabe; but in my summation, he’s a fucking horrible Statesman.  Sorry, I’ve spent most of my life studying political science, public policy, history, and statecraft; and I don’t think Mugabe has any fucking idea of how to transition an nation from colonization to independence and liberation.  It’s like he’s making shit up as he goes, like there’s no concrete, or consistent plan or agenda. 

Incompetence is harmful under normal circumstances, but it’s deadly when your nation is under Omnicidal Neo-colonial attack. 

Mugabe has literally gone from fighting colonialist, and retaking land from the White Minority, to protecting Africa from the Gay Agenda as he embraces Chinese “investment.”  

Mugabe’s stances have made him an Icon among Black Nationalist in the African Diaspora; but it ain’t done much to secure his nation, unify the continent, and advance the larger Black Liberation Struggle.  Those who know that it takes more that tough talk against the West and opening the resources of Africa to the exploitation of the East to free Africa and the African Diaspora. 

These Black Nationalist who love Mugabe will argue that he has some grand scheme, but they sound just like the clowns who insist that Cosby was taken down because he had some “grand scheme” to buy the media from White folks or some other dumb shit.

Mugabe has been in power since the 1980s (or as far back as the 1960s, depending on your reading of the history), and is in his 90s; now I’m not  against elders making the contributions, but that’s insane; and there’s no recognized structure in place to replace him even now (that I have observed).  Just watch the chaos that’s gonna come when he passes. 

Mugabe is not the only one, look a Cuba; I think Castro was both a great freedom fighter and a great statesman, but still, he was on that L4LS shit and passed the baton to his brother instead of putting the youth at the helm of the Revolution.  Now, Cuba is not as bad as Zimbabwe, but L4LS is a hindrance to any Revolution.  Look at many of the Black Nationalist Organizations here in the US, which have had the same leaders for the past 2-3 (or more) decades.

Anyway, that’s my take on it; he’s overstayed his effectiveness and needs to hand over power to younger, competent African Statesmen, Revolutionaries, Nation Builders, Artist, and Pan-Africanist; but that will not happen because he became more important the the Revolution and the Nation itself. 

Hell, I ain’t even a leader, but I cultivate younger men and women to stop up and lead every opportunity I get and I look forward to the day when I can pass on whatever I have to the next generations.  That used to be how we all got down, but like I said; Egos are bigger than the Revolution at this stage of the struggle.  SMH.