American Liberty.


It cracks me up to see White folks in America talk about Liberty and Freedom, or their Constitutional Rights.

Don’t them Hillbillys know how many people were subjected to genocide, enslaved, legally expelled from their lands, lynched, robbed of their wealth, unjustly incarcerated, deprived of basic human rights and dignity under their beloved Constitution?

Don’t they know their beloved Founding Fathers of the United States were violating the tenants of the Constitution before the fucking ink dried? There was never a day on this soil where Freedom and Liberty were protected or enjoyed by even a slight majority!

Where do these White Libertarians, Freedom Lovers, Constitutionalists imagine they can go back to? When was there true Freedom or Liberty in America, even for average White folks?

What’s even more ridiculous than these delusional White people who talk about the loss of Liberty in ‘Murica, are the Black people who join them, from the Libertarians, to the Tea Party, to the Ron Paul Revolution (and Ron Paul is a delusional idiot), we have Black folks who march arm and arm with these White Nationalist calling for a “return to Constitutional government,” for the return of Liberty. WTF?!?

It’s absurd when Whites get on that Liberty kick, but I can’t understand the New Negros who join them.

Truth is, White Folks, your liberty on this land is saturated in the blood and oppression of Native, Africans, Asians, and any other non-Whites (and a shit load of Whites) that were unfortunate enough to cross your path or the paths of your ancestors. Any “Freedom or Liberty” rooted in such atrocities is doomed….always doomed.