Brother Diallo, I read your post about how although the Nazi’s slaughtered about 6 million european jews, among them the roma(gypsies), homosexuals and disabled that are often forgotten, their actions also caused the overwhelming majority of deaths to be burdened by european gentiles. What do you think would happen had the nazis won? Would genocide continue onwards from jews to other groups or something else? Also, What would be the state of Africans/black people had the nazis won?

The Nazis were not the first or last Genocidal European Imperialist.

Just look at the basic facts; the Nazis developed a ideology of Supremacy, targeted vulnerable populations for extermination, and sought to take, colonize, and exploit lands beyond their borders; it’s the same formula for all Western Imperial Nations, not just Germany and the Nazis.

The only difference is that the German’s victims had White skin.  The British did the same shit in the same shit in North America, Africa, Australia.  The French did the same in the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.  The Italians did the same thing in Africa.  The Spanish and Portuguese did the same in South America.  The Zionist are doing the same in the Middle East.

Germany did the same thing in Africa, more specifically in Namibia; and no one holds that Genocide against the Germans because the victims were Black.

The reason the Germans had to impose Western Genocide and Imperlism against White victims is because it was lock out of the Scramble for Africa and the New World because it lost WWI.  The other Genocidal, Imperialist, Western Europeans divided Germany’s colonial holdings among themselves and buried Germany under crippling war reparations.  Thus locking Germany out of the game for a few decades; check out the Treat of Versailles.

Of course the Germans resented being locked out of the Genocidal Imperlism Hustle that the other Western European nations were enjoying, and at its first opportunity it rebuilt it’s military and embarked on the same mission as it’s Western European cousins; colonization and genocide.

Since All of Africa, Asia, and the New World were taken, the Germans decided to colonize Europe itself!  They decided to to in Europe what Europeans had been doing in Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas for the last several decades; invaded, colonize, genocide, and theft!  The Germans brought the war home to Europe once again!

If Hitler had decided to invade, exterminate, and colonize any other region on the planet he wouldn’t be the villain he’s portrayed to be history.  He’d be another European hero like Churchill, Washington, Bush, and Jefferson.

So, even though the Nazis lost the war, their ideologies and practices won the war, their ideologies and methodologies of Aryan Supremacy, Total War, Global Domination, Genocide, and Mass Propaganda are ruling the world today.

The state of Blacks would be as it is.  Except instead of rapping about “Benjamins” in English, these minstrels rappers would be rapping about it being “all about the Himmler’s baby” in German.   Instead of having a big tattoo of the Racist George Washington and Lincoln on his chest, Rick Ross would have tats of Hitler and Goebbels on his breast.  Negros would have the Nazi flag on their lawns instead of the Stars and Strips.  Negros would be praying to the Iron Cross instead of the Crucifix.  That’s all.  Other than that, there would be little difference, beyond cosmetic shit. 

Most of the atrocities of the Nazis would be buried, distorted, or just lied about; just like the atrocities of the US, and other European nations are today. 

People who tried to bring up the past would be told to “just forget it,” like we are when we bring up the crimes and atrocities of the US.