No response to the interracial dating question? I see you have a “comrade” that is married to an Asian woman. Is that why you haven’t responded to my question on whether one can be “pro-black”/pan Africanist with a non African wife? I guess choosing to ignore the question is simply agreeing that one is only multi cultured (ONE LOVE) centered and not African-centered when having a non Afrikan Union.

Anon, I have more then 60 questions pending in my inbox and your first question is not even in the top 20.

Even though it may not seem like it, I like to put thought into my responses; thus the volume and thought I put into most responses tend to result in it taking some time for my to get back to folks; but if you check my Archives you’ll see that I do answer all questions eventually, and I keep a pretty respectable pace.

Now, your bitching go you moved to the front of the line.

First off, you obviously know me, and my ally, and the work he and I do in the Hood, so why you hiding behind “Anonymous?”  I think it’s a low quality move to Anonymously target someone personally. 

I shared your question with him, and he said to educate you, to answer your question, he wanted to be civil and shit, in the name of unity I guess; and maybe if you were not hiding behind ‘Anon’ maybe would could have had a constructive discussion; but naw, I don’t want to encourage this kinda bullshit, especially where we organize locally.

Your questions wasn’t ignored before, but it will be now; until you come out from hiding and stand publicly by your words like I stand behind mine, and my comrade stands behind his.

Also, since you secretly spying on me and my comrade and our spouses, you know that we are not on some Liberal, Multi-cultural shit.  I stand by this mysterious “comrade” and his wife; not that they need or ask me to, I’m just loyal like that.

Please send any Brothers or Sisters who are down to organize for the empowerment and liberation of Black people, but fail to meet your ideological purity standards our way.  We are willing to unite and build with them.

Also, I’m willing to take all the text by Diop, Fanon, or Kwame Nkruma you might have, cuz they also fail to met your ideological purity standards, along with many others. 

You can go build with Obama, he has a beautiful Black woman by his side; see how much Pan-African solidarity you can get outta him. 

Finally, I’ll restate: just post your question non-Anonymously and I will answer it to the best of my ability.  If you want to continue to ask Anonymous questions, then don’t make shit personal; ask about public shit and public individuals, or make yourself know if you want to go deeper than that.