I see you, appreciate your effort. Question: Would you go to a youth pastor, in a Christian church, who is actively trying to get kids who know nothing more than sneakers and gang banging to change their lives around and worship God, and challenge his beliefs? Could you replace his role? Or, might there be ‘levels’ of understanding that one may/must go through, where beliefs have their time and place, regardless of if some choose to die with or transcend those beliefs?

As much as I hate how many Black youth are having their minds destroyed by the Religious Indoctrination, I wouldn’t go to a youth pastor in a Christian Church & object to what they are doing.  I think that’s the only place Christians should be allowed to freely express, share, and promote their delusions without being challenged.

I only challenge Religious people when they bring their delusions into secular or open spaces; but I respect them within their define areas.  If I’m in a Church, which I’m always in trying to organize and empower Black people (you gotta go where the people are), I am respectful, when I’m in a Masque or Synagogue, same protocol.  

I’m not just for separation of Church & State, I’m for Separation of Church & Struggle. I don’t seek to impose on believers, I welcome believers to work with me and I’ll work with them on common goals and interest, but they better heed Malcolm X when we doing the common work and; “keep their religion in the closet.” If they wanna expose their religion, then I will expose their religion too.  
It’s rather simple.  

I also follow the rules for myself.  I don’t got to a financial, ecological, cultural, political, formal meeting screaming about Atheism, or Rationality; I focus on the issue and task at hand.  I bring what’s relevant, take what’s relevant, and I get to work.  If people can’t engage in secular, or non-Religions work, then they need to join a cult to work with, that’s all.

I’m not a youth, so I couldn’t replace a Youth Pastor, but I could replace an old ass Porkchop Preacher, and do a better job leading his flock, I think. 

Yes; every journey into and through conciseness is both personal and communal, and everyone advances at their own pace.  I was very slow to both learn and shed my own indoctrination, so I don’t really come down on people who are slow or stagnant on that path……, I swear I don’t.

I do come down on people when they seek to slow others, to obstruct others on their own path, mainly by teaching or advocating for Bullshit! 

I don’t condemn people for not knowing shit, but I condemn them for spreading ignorance.

I was very much a Liberal Integrationist, Black Puritan, and even Toxic Black Nationalist on my path/evolution of Black Consciousness, and I appreciate the many teachers I had who called me on my bullshit, so I do the same for others. 

I hope I answered you questions somewhere in all of that. LOL!