Git Yoself a Goddess…

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam see Women as by-products of Men and the property of Men.

Women are essentially reduced to vessels for Lust, Sin, and Babies to come through; that’s it.

If your Religion has no Goddess of equal or greater power to your God,
then it is a Male Chauvinist Murder Cult….and even some of the
Religions with Goddesses are still Murder Cults, but if you ain’t got a
Goddess then it’s guaranteed to be a Male Chauvinist Murder Cult.  

So git your self a Goddess to balance out your God, or abandon all Gods all together.

(Also, Animals, Planets, large Rock Formations, Atmospheric Events, and
Dead Ancestors also make good Gods, and all were Worshiped before
Jesus, Allah, or Yahweh were ever invented.  So you don’t lack for
better Options in who you can worship.)