“…More African than Thou…”

I don’t think Africans anywhere need to go to Africans anywhere else for lessons on how to be Africans, although we all have a lot to share with and learn from each other. There are no Africans who are “more African than thou,” in my view.

A Kenyan is not more African than a Nigerian, or a Haitian, or Brazilian, or LeRoy from up the block.

Pan-Africanism acknowledges Africans in all of their manifestations, Pan-Africanism understands that All Africans have a valid claim and an obligation to Africa and the securing of African Liberation.

If I want to be informed about Senegal, or Yoruba, or any particular aspect of the African world/reality, then I will ask those more learned in that area, but when ever I want to see a “real” African I just look in the mirror.

My experience is an African experience, just as much as the experiences of any other African anywhere else in the world.