Do you believe that Vudon helped the Haitians defeat the French?

Hell yeah I do, they said it did, and I believe them.

Vodun, or the universal rejection and abandonment of our Oppressor’s Gods, Dogmas, and Religions, and their replacement with our own Indigenous Gods, Rituals, and Spiritual Systems would help us defeat the Systems of White Domination on a global scale as well.

If Africans across the world shunned Islam and Christianity alone, the whole world would have to re-balance, not just culturally but economically and militarily. 

Our enemies and oppressors know this as well.  That’s why they denied us everything in abundance, from food, clothing, shelter, to education, and freedom; but one thing they gave us more than our share of is Religion.  We could be killed for reading at one time, but we still had access to the fucking Bible. 

So, without Vodun, Haitians would have lost their Revolution, the Haitian Revolution still sends shivers down the spine of Western Imperialist to this day, that’s why they all work so hard to suppress Haiti in this modern era.

90% of conflict and warfare is cultural; 100% of religion is cultural, so if you bow to your enemy’s or oppressor’s Gods, you’ve already surrendered 90% of the conflict before you even engage in Struggle.  That’s why we lose even when we win, cuz we re-enslave ourselves every time we imagine who God is, and what God wants from us.

#AfricanGodsOnly is my motto; until this is a universal mantra among the global African community, we’ll be oppressed, internally and externally.

And when I say African Gods, I’m not talking about Black Jesus, or some Africanized Islam.