Do you think the original Hebrews were Black?

No they were, are not!

Just look at the etymology of the word “Hebrew,” you’ll find it’s Latin, it goes no further back than the Greeks at best. 

Africans are much older than the Greeks, Africans created Religions, Spiritual Systems, and Gods long before there was any such creature as a Greek.  Africans created and give the world monotheism long before there was any such thing as a Jew, or Israel, or Torah.

So, the original Hebrews were not Black, because the word/title/concept of Hebrew came long after Blacks who we call Hebrews were here. 

Now, the original woman, the original man, the original god, the original religion was all Black, but those people didn’t call themselves Hebrews, they didn’t use or respond to that title. 

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