How can South Africa have a true liberation and get rid of the white population and white corperation ?

This is a question that would require to multi-volume text to properly answer.  But that can be said about most of the question I get on this blog, so that dosen’t allow me to duck the question.  LoL!

I’m going to simply provide some insights on the direction South African needs to head in to reach “true liberation and get rid of the White population and White corporations.”  Let’s do it in list form, I like list.

  1. South Africans need to realize that the nation of South Africa is fiction, it’s an invention that was not created by Africans and was never meant to serve Africans.  You have Africans who’ve lived in that land before human history was ever written down, and the nation of South Africa was founded in the 1960s!!  Sorry, but that’s the case.  Africans need to destroy all of the nations and borders created by invaders and colonizers.  We need to get rid of those identities and divisions imposed on our ancestors by invaders and colonizers.  The African nations and borders fused opposing nations and tribes, they divided allied nations and tribes, they ignored the ecology of Africa, and the values and traditions of Africans when the drew those borders and divided Africa among themselves.  We need need to be as bold as the invaders and colonizers and redraw, we partition, and redistribute the lands and national borders of our continent.  So the first step to liberating South African is to dissolve South Africa; and redistribute the land.  You can’t secure “true liberation” while living in the box (borders) created by your enemies.
  2. South Africans need to realize that South African liberation is also fiction; because no African nation will be liberated unless all African nations are liberated.  History keeps demonstrating this.  There are so many African nations that have driven our their colonizers, White people, and White corporations; only to be isolated, hounded, subverted, and recolonized.  Many of their neighboring African nations served as bases from Whites and Asiasn to attack them from and subvert their liberation struggles.  Any African nation that seeks to be liberated while leaving the rest of African and any other African under Western Domination will soon find that their liberation is tenuous at best, and transient.  The same goes for the African Diaspora, any African Liberation Struggle that dosen’t properly utilize the vast African Diaspora is doom; just as any African Diasporian struggle that fails to link with Africa is doomed.  It’s gon be all of us or none of us.  So South Africans need to tie their Liberation to a Revolutionary, Pan-African Struggle. 
  3. South Africa needs to resurrect their Revolution that they allowed the treasonous Mandela and the ANC to dilute and eventually starve to death.  South Africans were on the right path with the “One Settler One Bullet,” battle cry.  The APLA and the PAC were on the right path, with all of their faults, and growing pains.  Winnie Mandela was on the right path, she had the answers. Steve Biko was on the right path.  You know that because that’s the only reason the Invaders, the Colonizers, and the Imperialist freed Mandela and sat at the negotiation table.  When Whites lose or know they can’t win a War, the go to work to win the Peace; and losing the Peace can be more devastating and set you back further than winning a War.  The SA Revolution can only be resurrect, rebuilt though intensive education, counter-indoctrination, and incremental Revolutionary State-Craft and Institution building; just like here, and the rest of the African world.  The traitors need to be Exposed, Isolated, and Expelled from the struggle and the community as well.  We need to be as prepared to govern and build as we are to disrupt and destroy to win any legitimacy from the African masses.  We must be as willing to live for Revolution as we are to die for it.  We need to be as proficient in economic, cultural, media, and academic warfare as we are in armed resistance; then we will have our Revolutions, across the African world.  South African and Nigeria; the economic and industrial giants of African need to be the vanguard on the continent, and Haiti needs to lead the African Diaspora….but I’m getting a little too deep for this response.  Just know that there’s not reform, no legislation, not election, no ANC or any other Negro official that’s gonna liberate SA Africa, only Pan-African Revolution and Scientific Socialism.
  4. Organization and Self-Sufficiency will not only drive the Whites and their corporations out of SA, but all other parasitic peoples and corporations owned by non-Africans.   The greater the level of organization the lower the level of bloodshed and chaos that we will have to endure.  As we reduce our desires for the useless trinkets of Industrial Capitalism, and we systematically reclaim out birthrights, Whites will retreat, we will not even have to tell them to.  The few who will want to put up a fight will not even have the support of their own people.  Just like the Whites who wanted to wage war in Vietnam, Korea, and other places lost the support of their own White masses before they were defeated by those that sought to Oppress and Colonize. 
  5. The actions and direction of the SA liberation struggle needs to be guided by study, research, rationalization, review, radical analysis, radicalism, strong critique, etc.  There is a place in all struggles for rhetoric, music, dancing, rage, spontaneity, etc; but the larger struggle and agenda needs to be rooted and directed by the African intellect.  Our leaders need to be the most intensely scrutinized and most accountable people in our communities and struggles. NO MORE CULTS OF PERSONALITIES, or Leaders of Life.  We need to construct our movements and our organizations to maintain the strictest levels of internal discipline, too many of our struggle have been corrupted and subverted because we’ve neglected State-Craft, Institutional protocols, and the development of Resilient Systems.  We just don’t take our shit serious enough.  Revolution is a process, it’s not an event; it must be constructed and executed in a manor that can carry over for more than one or two generations.  Revolution must become our culture.  All elements of our culture must be Revolutionized, our morality, our spirituality, our very self identities must be Revolutionary.  We must create a common Vision, and shared Destiny for the “true liberation” of SA, all of Africa, the entire African Diaspora, and the whole entire planet earth.  We should greet each other with the words; “hello my Brother/Sister, Global White Domination Must Fall,” that should be the universal greeting and goal. 

    I’ll stop there.  Again, I know it’s an inadequate answer, but this is an inadequate forum to truly address your question, we just do our best right?  I do hope you can secure some insights about what South Africans and all other Africans should do.