What do you think of these radical muslims that shot up Charlie in Paris because the cartoonist offended them by insulting the prophet Mohammed. They avenged this disrespect by murdering harmless cartoonists? Islam is a religion of war. What do muslims have against satire and free speech? They don’t have any sense of humor. France needs to ban immigration of Muslims


First off, there wouldn’t be so many non-French, or non-Europeans in France (or the Rest of Europe) if France (and most other Western European nations) did not embark on an orgy of Invasion, Rape, Torture, Theft (of land, labor, resources, culture, and people), Colonization, and General Disruption of nations of the Third World; from Haiti, to Algeria, to Vietnam, just to name a few.  Arabs, Africans, and Asians ain’t moving to France because they love France and French culture, they are chasing the resources stolen from their own lands.  If France banned the import of goods made by foreigners, and resources extracted from the land of foreigners, I swear to you, they wouldn’t have to worry about Muslims or any other immigrants coming to their  Irradiated lands. 

During what White historians called the “Age of Exploration,” the French and other Europeans slaughter their way across the globe stealing everything they could, colonizing much of the world, and killing people who’d never done shit to them, driving many Ethnic groups and Cultures to extinction.

So when I look at the shooting in Paris, I look at it in its proper and full historical and geopolitical context. 

The Christians still have the highest body count of any Religious group, and they are still adding to their body count.  They just use more sophisticated weapons and rationale for their killing.  So France is in no position to criticize the Muslim world for its violence, Christians and Jews are in no position to condemn the violence of Islam.  

Now, I agree with Dr. John Henrik Clarke when he called all 3 of the major Religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity “male chauvinist murder cults.” So, there’s no room for finger pointing among any of those Religions, and we can throw Hinduism and Buddhism in that box too. 

The global outrage surrounding this killings is based on White privilege and Racism more so than Religion however; Whites think they have the right to kill, insult, oppress, and exploit any other Race with impunity; it’s not based on a value of life.  I live in South Chicago, 12 Black youth can be murdered in the Ghettos established by the US government in my community on any given weekend, and not only are the victimized communities blamed for their suffering, it’s not even worthy to headline the local news, let alone be considered a global tragedy.  NATO has been on a killing spree across the world since the fall of the Soviet Union, France has enthusiastically supported imperialism and upheld a global economic system that leads to the unnecessary and premature death of millions; and that dosen’t even count the ecocide and mass extinction driven by the First World Nations; so we should be tricked into think that France care about the lives of 12 cartoonist, beyond exploiting their deaths for further the agenda of White Domination of the resources of non-White nations, just like the US capitalist used the 9/11 atrocity to further its imperial aims.

Finally, I’ve observed that peole who kill in the name of God, hell, even those who say they live in the name of God are either outright lying or delusional.  People, outside of those  who kill for governments/profit; kill out of desperation or in search of identity.  I think those gunmen lashed out because they are state-less, they are isolated and despised, and they have no agency in their nation, so they lash out.  If they had used internalized violence, killed themselves or their own people, then there would be no problem for the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, but when the oppressed don’t internalize their rage and direct it towards the Systems of Power, or those who profit from the SoP, or those who are representatives of the SoP, or those who simply look like they are a part of the SoP then there’s a problem, the Matrix has a glitch.

Even though violence and death saturate these systems of White Domination and Capitalism, it must flow downward and laterally on the Racial, Economic, and Power hierarchy to sustain the systems.  When violence flows upwards, it can disrupt or topple the entire system.

But anyway, judging from the wording of your question, I’m sure most of this is going way over your head.  I’ll just give you your WRIT(White Racist Internet Troll) Score and be done with it.

WRIT Score: 7 (above Average): Your question was good and allowed me to express some points that should be expressed, but your anti-Islam ending dragged your score down.  If you are anti-Islam, but not anti-The Other Two Murder Cults, then you are a Racist, not a critical thinker.

Note: I am saying this assuming that the killers were not engaged in a False Flag attack orchestrated by some Intelligence Agency to fuel the attack in the Middle East.  We can’t over look the fact that Afghanistan officially kicked the US out of it’s nation just a couple of weeks ago, and I’m sure the Capitalist would love to spark a new war in the region since they made Trillion$ off the last few invasions.  I haven’t looked into the incident beyond the general coverage, not yet.