What are your thoughts on Nat Turner and what white people did to him after he was captured?

Nat Turner is a great ancestors, I admire his efforts and impact on our history and how he inspires African people to this day.

As far as Whites mutilating and dessecrating his corpse after hanging him, it was typical at the time.  They would do that to Africans who didn’t rebel, so it’s no supirse that they would to the same with Turner’s corpse. 

The greater defilement of Nat Turner is how Whites always try to distort his legacy, especially William Styron and his text “The Confessions of Nat Turner.”

Thankfully we have scholars who’ve worked hard to counter the myths about Nat Turner and preserve his legacy.  Dr. John Henrik Clare compiled a text that debunks Styron and other myths about Nat Turner; click here for a link to the book.