If the only person with 0% ‘African’ is an alien, at what period (#: kya or century ago) do you think ‘whiteness’ established itself?

There is much dispute as to White “Whiteness” established itself, the date can’t be locked down because many ethnic groups came into Whiteness as different points in history, like the Irish and European Jews; they are new comers to White Status.  Then there are those who switch from Whiteness to non-Whiteness depending on what nation they are in.  Like Hispanics, many Latinos who are White in Mexico, Panama, the DR, Puerto Rico, etc. turn non-White, or Latino when they arrive in the US. 

I would say that Whiteness as we understand it was established at the end of the Dark Ages and the start of the European Renaissances, Europe was reborn through the colonization, enslavement, and mass murder of the rest of the world.

I don’t agree that all people are Africans, or have some African in them.  Humanity has it’s origins in the land mass we now call Africa, but it wasn’t African when those primate left African and got trapped behind the ice of the North, It’s not enough to be from the land mass you have to be rooted in the culture, born out of the culture, and community to the reestablishment of African and its people to their proper station among nations.

This whole “we all African” bullshit is just another attempt to justify Whites, Asians, and Arabs invadaing a land they have no historical, political, or cultural right to.