We Still Love Our Gladiators.

The Roman subjects were obsessed with their gladiators. They would spend their time, their money, and their mental energies on The Games. They worshiped the oversexed, over-pumped, egotistical athletes who were willing to destroy themselves for the entertainment and stimulation of the masses. After a gladiator was broken, or died; they’d find new gladiator to replace them and start the cycle all over again.

Most Roman subjects knew the names and origins of their favorite gladiators, but didn’t know the names of their local officials and senators. They’d pay gold coins to see the gladiators, but wouldn’t attend the free Forums held by the philosophers and governing officials. The knew the stats and rankings of the gladiators, but had no stats or data related to the expansion of the empire, the crop yields, or government expenditures. They would care more about how well the gladiator training schools were run, than how their empire was run.

The Romans would spend money on Colosseums, and smaller gaming venues, while their aqueducts, roads, and universities crumbled into ruins, and were starved for staff and funding.

The corrupt officials knew that they could rob the Roman subjects blind as long as the games started on time, the people wouldn’t notice. The Romans allowed their Nation-States, and the ecosystems they depended on to collapse while they watched the games and worshiped athletes.

Enjoy this NFL season!