Black Women’s Resistance to Gender-Based Oppression Pre-Dates the Feminist Movement….so why did Black women join it?

Some Sisters are saying that the abuse and exploitation Black men
heap upon Black women is what drives them to Feminism, hell, I’ve even
made this Fallacious claim in the past; (I’ve never believed it, I’d
just use this argument to make a point when I’m arguing with Black
Puritans, Toxic Black Nationalist, RBGangstas, and AfroSexist who
disrespect Black women then say they hate Feminism).

The reality
is more complex, or more simple IDK; but here is why I don’t think Black
men are to blame for Black women gravitating to Feminism; not even the
most sexist and abusive Black men are to blame:

Black women
gravitate to Feminism for the same reason they gravitate towards hair
straightener and blonde wigs; cuz they have been indoctrinated to see
White shit as better, White ice as colder.

Black women make the
same absurd excuses for doing so also; “I straighten my hair cuz it’s my
own personal, individual, independent choice;” they say this shit
knowing damn well that their “choice” is impacted by generations of
degradation of the Black form, features, and hair textures.

say; “I’m a Feminist cuz it’s my own personal, individual, independent
choice;” they say this even though Feminism has shitted on their issues
and the oppression that’s particular to Black women since it’s

Then they try to Blackify shit; using chemicals
manufactured by Black hair care product companies, or by creating Black
Feminism and pretending that it’s totally separate and unique from White
Feminism; instead of just abandoning that shit all together. SMH. As if
Black women don’t have the creativity and intelligence to style their
own natural hair textures, or create their own movements for justice and

I know I’m beating this analogy to death, but people just don’t get it.

Black women were fighting oppression long before the White woman
invented Feminism and Woman’s suffrage, she was struggling for her
humanity in her home, and in the larger society while White women were
sipping mint juleps on the porches of plantation mansions.

women have profited and benefited from Black women’s oppression more
than Black men ever could have, so it’s not logical for them to see
White women as their ally in the struggle for Black women’s liberation.

Also, why the fuck would a population that’s been fighting oppression
longer, and more effectively than White women then follow White women in
their movement instead of developing and sustaining their own struggle
which was longer standing?

Same reason we always give up our shit
to integrate with Whites, cuz we been indoctrinated to think we need
them, that integration is our only salvation.

Black women were
dissed by the Feminist since day one and they still are to this very
day, but they will fight to integrate with White women, just like Black
men fight to integrate with White men, and join the White man’s Systems;
cuz we suffer from Mentacide.

That’s why…, I know it’s a bitter pill, but we gotta take our medicine.

So, yes, the exploitation and abuse of Black women by Black men have
provoked Black women to fight, and it should, Black women should fight
anyone who exploits, abuses, or oppresses them; without apology or

But the exploitation and abuse of Black women by Black
men is not what drives them to ally with White women, or to attempt to
graft themselves onto a White movement like Feminism; you can’t put that
on Black men. Sorry.

Feminism has never had as its mission;
correcting the issues between Black men and Black women, it has never
sought to heal our wounds, and the nature of the conflicts between Black
men and Black women are very different than those between White men and
White women, so the same movement and analysis will not help both White
women and Black women; they have to chart their own separate paths, at
least until the Systems and Institutions of White Domitian are